Thursday, September 28, 2006

Michael Irvin, Please Take Your Mouth Off T.O.'s Genitals

Well, Irvin did remove his mouth form T.O.'s nether regions long enough yesterday to join ESPN Radio and offer his insight into the T.O. suicide attempt/PR stunt. When Irvin mentioned that T.O. didn't take more than a couple of pills and the reports that he took more were false, the hosts wondered why the bottle of pills was empty (damn good question, I think). Irvin had this to offer (paraphrased, mind you):

"When I travel, I don't carry my pills and supplements in their bottles, I put them in a pill box that I take with me. It has compartments for each type of pill. He was just putting the pills into his travel container, so they were gone from the pill bottle".

Umm... according to reports, he had 35 pills left in the prescription. The team will likely be on the road 2 days, maybe 3. Just how many pills does he need to carry for such a short trip, Michael? Maybe 6? 12 at the most?

Michael, do everyone a favor and do one (or all) of the following:

1. Quit nuzzling T.O.'s crotch.

2. Just come out and admit that you are completely biased when it comes to T.O.. No one is fooled.

3. Ingest 35 pain pills, do not call 911.

Thank you.


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