Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is Your Fantasy A Nightmare?

Week 7 just passed, and like many fantasy football owners, your team isn't performing anywhere near your expectations. Yeah, FF is a crapshoot like that sometimes.

Maybe some of your players aren't performing at the level you thought they would, but many of you are finding that you are very strong at some positions, but weak at others. Chances are, your drafting strategy caused this.

I'm here to help, my friends. For the low, low cost of zero dollars you can learn about value-based drafting. I learned about this strategy years ago and have used it with a lot of success ever since. You'll find that your teams are stronger from top to bottom than ever before. Trust me, it works.

Check it out. It's an interesting read and (in my case at least) a proven system. And it translates into other fantasy sports, like basketball and baseball. Bookmark the site or print it out, then read it again next year before you prepare for your draft.

In the meantime, anyone want to trade for Edgerrin James? You can have him cheap. Seriously.


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