Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's My Birthday

Yeah, so October 12th is my birthday. Yay me. I decided to find out which famous athletes share my birthday. I found a long list of famous people here, and the pickins are pretty slim.

Here's a select few from the list:

  • Scott Von Der Ahe, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts
  • Singor Mobley, safety for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Charlie Ward, NBA guard for the New York Knicks/Heisman Trophy winner 1993
  • Jose Valentin, Manati Puerto Rico, infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Nancy Ann Kerrigan, Woburn Massachusetts, figure skater, Olympics-silver-1994
  • Leon Lett, NFL defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Chris Chandler, NFL quarterback, Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons
  • Michael Zordich, NFL strong safety for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sid Fernandez, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, pitcher, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies

Not exactly A-listers, eh? At least I know who some of these people are, I guess.

I was forced to put up with Chris Chandelier when he played for the Cardinals (yes, I'm one of 7 Cards fans in existence). Always talented, but never on the field.

But I can laugh when I picture Leon Lett's two major football blunders. I might have considered a one-nighter with Nancy Kerrigan in her prime (although her horse teeth might have scared me away).

My actors/musicians are much better:

  • Luciano Pavarotti, born in Modena, Italy, operatic tenor, Oh Giorgio, 3 Tenors
  • Sam Moore, born in Miami, Florida, rock vocalist, Sam and Dave-Soul Sister
  • Jeff Keith, rock vocalist, Tesla-Psychotic Supper
  • Pat Dinizio, rock vocalist, Smithereens
  • Kirk Cameron, born in Panorama City, California, actor, Mike-Growing Pains

(You know you loved Growing Pains, dammit)


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