Monday, October 23, 2006

Real Men Of Genius

(Editor's note: a new version of the long-running Budweiser commercial, inspired by the guy sitting in section 306, row 3, seat 13 at Oakland Coliseum yesterday)

Real men of genius...

Here's to you, Mr. Drunkest Fan in the Stadium Guy.

Mr. Drunkest Fan in the Stadium Guy!

You drink as many beers and shots as humanly possible (and then some) before the game to ensure you'll be the best fan there.

You drink way too muuu-uch!

You continue to drink at the stadium, one beer in each hand.

That's the most they'll sell one person at a tiii-ime!

You scream, cuss, and spew nacho cheese sauce on everyone around you, then dump one of your beers on a 4 year old child in the row in front of you.

You might be an alco-holic!

When the father of the kid you just drenched calls you on your behavior, you tell him to fuck off.

You certainly are an asshole!

This one's for YOU Mr. Drunkest Fan in the Stadium Guy!


Blogger booster said...

At least he didn't puke on the back of your seat. That's how I enjoyed my $400 Rose Bowl seats a few years ago.

2:01 PM  

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