Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Get It, It's The Red Zone

What is it with the NFL broadcasts and their damn graphics? Fox has gone way overboard, making their broadcast more and more like a video game every year. Video game sounds, graphics (gotta love that robot football player, right?), it's getting really old.

ESPN has an annoying floating scoreboard at the bottom of the screen that often hides some of the things I want to see on the field. I've seen it block the view of a fumble, for instance.

CBS really takes the cake, though. Since the advent of the yellow first down line (my wife actually once asked me how they're able to paint that thing on the field so fast every time someone gets a first down. Yes, she's blonde.), they've gone even further, adding a blue line of scrimmage line.

And since they're not putting enough fake crap on the field with those two things, they decided it would be a great idea to make the field look like a sea of blood any time a team gets into the red zone. They even give you the team's red zone success statistics on the graphic, which ends up looking horrible when it runs into the yardage numbers on the field (see picture).

Can we get back to a simple broadcast, with only a small box with the score plus down & distance, please?


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