Friday, October 20, 2006

Week 7 Anti-Simmons Picks

Of course, as soon as I decide to start doing this, I actually agree with almost all of Boston Sports Guy's picks. Sigh. OK, here's where it starts...


Broncos (-4.5) over BROWNS

BSG makes a valid point about Plummer on the road, but Cleveland sucks.

Eagles (-5.5) over BUCS

This could bite me in the ass if Westbrook sits. Still, Tampa sucks this year.

Giants (+3) over COWBOYS

T.O. has a nuclear meltdown on national TV.

Yep, taking the road team in each. Two are underdogs. Dangerous? Hell yes. Back with results Monday. I'll be at the Raiders/Cardinals game Sunday, which should be a crapfest all around. Go Cardinals!


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