Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Misc.

Missed some posts last week while I was out sick. Back to normal now, so let's start the week with two things from this weekend...

1. Who greenlighted the idea of Pam Ward calling the Iowa/Indiana game Saturday? Fire their ass immediately. Listening to her call a football game was the equivalent of rubbing a cheese grater over my balls. Pure torture. I'm all for women in the workplace, sports included. But maybe football isn't the best place for a woman to be calling the action.

2. Anyone crying over Larry Johnson taking down Troy Polamalu by the hair needs to shut up. Seriously. If you wear your hair long, hanging out of your helmet, you should expect someone to grab you by it in a game. You don't want to be tackled by your hair? Put that shit in a bun or something and keep it under your helmet. Or stay in the kitchen. Or whatever.


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