Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekly Anti-Simmons Picks

It's time to try something new. Every Friday, I'll post a 3 team parlay card I will be playing for the weekend's NFL games. As most of you know, my best pal Bill Simmons posts his picks every Friday in his ESPN Page 2 column.

This year, to add a gimmick to this, his wife is providing her picks as well. Now, she knows zilch about sports, or more importantly, gambling. Yet she's kicking his ass so far this season. Which really goes to show how much a crapshoot gambling can be.

I'm not a big gambler, do I do like to play a parlay card each week for fun. Nothing more than $20, that way my wife and kids still have a home and food. You know, responsibilities and all.

My weekly card will now be a 3-teamer in which I'll pick opposite of Bill's posted picks (essentially playing the role of the house). I'll just pick what I think are the 3 most obvious missed picks by Simmons and go from there.

He hasn't posted his picks yet, so once I see them, I'll post the picks for week 7.


Blogger J.P. Slocum said...

Thank you for putting that into words. I'm so tired of hearing "did you read Bill Simmons this week?" What I realized was that I skipped Bill and read his wife. Now that she does not write anything i have not read anything.

11:27 AM  

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