Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whitlock vs. Scoop, Cagematch Style

I am utterly astounded by the deafening silence coming from Scoop Jackson after Jason Whitlock publicly dissed him.

Scoop may be taking the high road, but that type of shit ain't reserved for a ghetto pimp like Scoop, bitches. Scoop's the type of dude to take care of shit Herbert Kornfeld style, motherfucker.

Scoop, your ass got called out by Whitlock. You gonna sit there and take that shit? I say it's time to throw down, cagematch style!

You know, back in the day when this cage stuff started, they use to put mismatched fighters in the octagon together, just for the sheer fun of watching a 500lb sumo wrestler fight a 150lb martial arts expert.

That's exactly what this would look like. Whitlock's a big boy. Scoop looks like a narrow-assed mofo. This could be fun. Either Whitlock would just crush Scoop, or Scoop could run around the joint until Whitlock keeled over from a heart attack. Either way, the viewers win.

Scoop, you gotta represent!


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