Thursday, November 02, 2006

No Whining!

I love the NBA. As Bill Simmons pointed out in his article yesterday, the NBA instituted a no complaining rule. This keeps (one would hope, anyway) perennial annoying whiners like Rasheed Wallace from constantly bitching about calls or no-calls. You do it once, technical foul. One more time in the same game, take your ass to the showers. Brilliant!

I've been saying to friends (or anyone willing to listen) for years that the NFL needs a similar policy. Mainly for wide receivers.

Why? Because nothing in the game of football annoys me more than watching a WR make that annoying "throw the flag" motion after an incompletion. You know the motion I'm talking about. Sorta looks like the "check, please" motion you'd make in a restaurant. But more flamboyant.

It seems like every time a ball hits the ground on a pass play, some punk WR starts up with this shit. He looks all around, eyes bugging out, frantically looking for a flag. Hey Randy Moss, do us all a favor. Shut your mouth and run your annoying ass back to the huddle.

I'd love to see this become a 15 yard penalty, wouldn't you? Act like a bitch, get bitch slapped, 15 yards at a time.


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