Monday, November 20, 2006

Pot, Meet Kettle. Kettle, I Think You Know Pot.

Doesn't a Detroit Lions beat writer referring to the Arizona Cardinals as "lowly" seem a little, well, stupid? I mean, it's the Lions you're covering, pal.

On another note, nice game by the Cards yesterday. No big errors in the game. The running game was OK (not great, but better), Leinart looked good, and the defense did just enough. There were some great plays by the WR corps as well.

Leinart played another solid game at home, but his road performance leaves a lot to be desired. And guess what? They have a two game road trip starting this week! Actually, this week's game at Minnesota may very well be their last real chance for a victory. Remaining opponents: Rams, Broncos, Niners, Chargers. Yes, the Cards beat the Niners in week one, but this is a different team right now. I guess we'll see how each team looks in a few weeks.


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