Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Simmons Hates The Suns

If you read Billy-boy's articles last season, it was pretty clear he did not like the Suns. He consistently complained about Steve Nash and gave the Suns almost no chance in the playoffs (even though they were a clear favorite to go pretty far), going out of his way to bad mouth them to the point that readers began calling him on it. He essentially apologized in one article, then let it go.

Well, he's off to a fast start with his yearly NBA preview column! What did he have to say?

"23. Amare and the Suns
Um ... shouldn't that knee be healthy by now? And why does everyone keep penciling these guys down for 55 wins when we have no idea about Amare's knee..."

Why? Because they're a helluva team, Bill. And you know what? Amare only played in 3 games last season (in a limited role at that), and they finished 62-20, winning the Pacific division.

He goes on to say:

"...they lost Tim Thomas (their toughest guy last season)..."

Bill seems to forget that Thomas didn't even join the team until March last season! Guess how they were doing before Thomas came to town? They were 43-14! They had the same winning percentage before Thomas ever arrived!

Even though Bill wondered why so many people want to pencil the Suns in for 55 wins, he predicts in his column that they'll go 54-28. I know 54 isn't exactly the same as 55, but isn't it close enough to look at his initial words and the prediction, then do a double take? Can I get a loud "HUH?".

I particularly enjoyed his not-so-subtle dig at blogs that complain about him:

"Earlier this summer, Cuban had a great rant about this on his blog. ... You know, back when he used to write about stuff other than the YouTube-Google merger.

(Wait, did I just complain about the content in a free Internet column? Could somebody report me to the Hypocrite Police, please?)"

Priceless. Truly priceless.


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