Friday, November 03, 2006

Week 9 Anti-Simmons Picks

OK, I was brought back down to earth last week, losing to Simmons 1-2. My two losses were killers. I'm not sure which was worse, watching the Niners give up the 17 point spread in the first 3 minutes of the game or watching the Panthers go up 14-0, then collectively shitting the bed. Good effort, guys. Thanks.

On to this week's picks...


JAGUARS (-10) over Titans

This one was Simmons' spite pick. Good reason to gamble on a game, right? "I'm mad at them for something the coach did last week, so I'll bet against them."

Falcons (-5) over LIONS

Have you seen the Lions play? They're bad. I mean really bad.

Vikings (-5.5) over 49ERS

See above, but even worse.

Last week:

Mike: 1-2
BSG: 2-1


Mike: 3-3
BSG: 3-3

I'm off to Arizona next week on business, so I may not post much. Have a great weekend.


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